Personal care

Personal hygiene; such as washing, help with dressing or undressing, going to the toilet, nail care, dental care and shaving.
Help with applying body support aids, such as putting on support stockings, applying prosthesis.
Provide help with eating and drinking.
Setting up and giving medication and checking the stock.



Actions to be performed by a registered nurse, possibly on behalf of a doctor. Think of wound care, care of a stoma with non-intact skin, catheter insertion, injections etc.


Household care

Shopping, keep the house clean and tidy, prepare meals, care for plants, help with paperwork, changing beds, washing, ironing, etc.


Night shifts

24-hour care is possible in consultation. The costs for a night depend on the requested care. For example, it can be a sleeping service (present in case care is needed) or a wake-up service (stay next to the bed).
Terminal and palliative care on request.

In addition to care, we also offer the following:

Airport transfers

On request, one of our staff can pick you up or take you to and from the airport (or bus stop). We will take you to your temporary home or holiday adress and assist you in setting into your holidayhome (unpacking your suitcase, grocery shopping, etc.)


If you want, our employee can have a cup of coffee with you or go for a walk. It is also possible to go shopping or to visit a place of your choice (theme park, harbour, boat trip, animal park etc.)

Disable aids

With us during your stay in Spain you can rent or purchase the following: Wheelchair, walker, shower stand, hoist, wall brackets, toilet seat, walking frame, walking sticks, anti-decubitus cushion, etc.

Too much to mention.
Do you have wishes? Contact us and we will do our utmost to comply with this.